Expect our fund management to support and challenge you, as well as help open doors.

Are you an Ibtikar Entrepreneur?

We invest in highly-skilled and complementary management teams that are willing to take risks and go out of their comfort zones. If you’ve never launched a company before, expect to work the hardest you have ever worked, to have good and bad days, to be challenged and to be inspired. Launching a company is not easy but it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

We look for ideas that are innovative, primarily, but not only in the tech fields. We invest in ideas that have a regional or global market and that answer real market needs.


invests in portfolio companies that satisfy the following conditions:

  • It is owned (meaning, a holding of at least 51% of the means of control of the Company) by Palestinians

  • Its principal factory is situated in Palestine or a substantial amount of the proceeds of the investment will be spent in Palestine

How to approach Ibtikar?

Our management team is ready to consider the ideas of any entrepreneur exploring an investment. Please email us at info@ibtikarfund.com in order to present us with your idea or company.

In order to help us review your idea or startup company, we ask for an Executive Summary and Company Presentation (you may download the guidelines for both below). Read through and follow our guidelines, we have developed them to make the process as easy as possible for you. Please give us at least two weeks to review these documents before we respond to your approach.

We will provide you with our initial feedback, we may suggest a follow up meeting and, if we are interested in an investment, we will schedule a meeting to agree on a plan for our due diligence assessment, including, for example, meeting with some of your existing customers to validate your product. While we will be as expedient as possible in this due diligence process, this is an important step to ensure that we are stewarding our investors’ money to the best of our ability, so expect the due diligence process to take several months.



Writing Your Executive Summary (.pdf)

Company Presentation Guide (.pdf)

Palestine Registration Guide (.pdf)

Jordan Registration Guide (.pdf)

UAE Registration Guide (.pdf)